Running, jumping, shooting—these are the sorts of things you'd expect in a mobile game. Coding? Eh, less so. That's what makes Hacked so interesting. This game, created by Joaquim Verges (Falcon Pro dev) and Fabien Devos, is built around a programming language (H) and a mobile friendly code editor (the Hackpad). You play the game by creating and running simple programs, so a little coding experience is needed to get the most out of it.

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There are three game modes in Hacked. The story mode tells the tale of a high school student who must solve programming problems to save the world, which as we all know, comes up often. The story mode slowly ramps up the difficulty by introducing more tools as you progress. Freestyle mode gives you access to everything so you can build simple games and publish them to the in-game repository for others to download and play. Challenge mode is a competitive mode that will test your skills against those of other players, but it's not quite ready yet.

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Playing the story mode rewards you with Hackoins, which can be used to create and save more programs in Freestyle. You get one slot for free with the game, but there are in-app purchases if you're running short of coins too. This is not a game for everyone, but it's certainly something programmer types should investigate (plus, no special permissions). Lacking a programming background, I personally have no idea what I'm doing. Maybe you will, though.


Developer: Hacked
Price: Free+

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