Android aviation enthusiasts, you've got a rare opportunity to get a sweet discount on a refurbished model of Parrot's full-sized AR Drone today. The 2.0 edition of the quadcopter that uses your phone or tablet as a controller is just $169.99 on Woot's Sellout mini-site, a full $130 off of the retail price. The deal is open for the rest of the day, until midnight Central US time, or until they run out of magical flying robots.


The AR Drone has quickly become a favorite among amateurs and enthusiasts thanks to its easy setup, piloting, and remote camera view. The 2.0 edition of the toy uses a 720p onboard camera and an expanded battery compared with the original, though the ~10-minute runtime is bested by the slightly newer Elite Edition. Even so, the AR Drone 2.0 is going for $300 at most online retailers. NVIDIA SHIELD owners can use the physical controls on that gadget for precision flying.

This is a factory refurbished model, which is why it's discounted so heavily. But that should mean that the electronics are functionally identical, and the motors, propellers, and both the standard and "indoor" (bumper) Styrofoam shell should be brand new. Like all of Woot's sales, this deal is available in the United States only, and shipping is a flat $5. The holiday season is coming up, folks - any tech-savvy kid (or a dad of the right disposition) might love one of these things. - Parrot AR Drone 2.0 for $169.99