Maybe you've heard of Aviary—it's the company behind the Aviary photo editor for Android and iOS. That's not all the company does, though. It also makes its tools available through a free SDK, and that's what led Adobe to scoop up the company for an undisclosed sum.

2014-09-22 17_01_43-Aviary

Aviary's own app has been downloaded more than 100 million times, but the free Aviary SDK is powering a plethora of other creative apps. The work Aviary has been doing on its SDK jives nicely with Adobe's recent efforts to get its Creative SDK off the ground. The Creative SDK, still in beta, is a way to get third-party apps plugged into Creative Cloud with support for content, hardware, and services. Adobe wants to use Aviary to accelerate the development of the Creative SDK, but it's not all over for Aviary as a brand.

Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs explains in the announcement blog post that the Aviary SDK will continue to be enhanced as part of the Creative SDK. There should be no disruption for existing users of the SDK or apps. There may actually be some new features added courtesy of Adobe, like saving projects to Creative Cloud.

Photo Editor by Aviary
Photo Editor by Aviary
Developer: Aviary, Inc.
Price: Free+

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