As Google Now's features and reach expand, it's become increasingly clear that Google has great ambitions for the project that was initially announced over two years ago (hard to believe, right?) at I/O 2012. When Google Now launched, it was little more than a context-aware monitor for your location to tell you how long it would take to get somewhere or show you the weather. But it was immediately clear that Google planned on expanding Now into something much more powerful, and it's made good on that promise. Here are just a few things Google has done or at least worked on doing in the Now app for Android.

And that's just a taste. There's flight tracking, hotel reservations, intelligent research suggestions, package tracking, and more.

I know I've come to use Google Now quite a lot - literally every day. Probably multiple times a day, too. It's become an integral part of my Android device experience, but I know I'm not everybody - how often do you use Google Now (either opening it, or tapping on / getting use out of a notification for a card)? I know this is a hard one to measure on memory with precision, but I'm giving you a wide range here to make it easy. Also, I'm asking this question irrespective of country, so if you don't use Google Now a lot just because you don't have many of its features available to you, still just answer based on how you do use it.

How often do you use Google Now?

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