Instapaper was one of the earliest article saving services geared toward mobile devices. However, it took quite a while to come to Android. While Pocket is arguably the king on Android, Instapaper might be a more attractive option now that it's a free app. There's still a subscription that adds features, though.

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Here's the changelog for v4.0 to get things started.

  • Introducing Text-to-Speech
  • User profiles & new Browse section: create your own profile, share articles you've saved and browse what your friends are saving
  • Introducing Instapaper Premium: enjoy additional features including full-text search, unlimited highlights and Text-to-Speech playlists

The app used to be $2.99 with a subscription option. Now you can get the app for free, and there are some new features in the (more expensive) premium subscription. For $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, you get full-text search, unlimited highlights, and Text-to-Speech playlists. Text-to-Speech itself is new in this update, allowing you to listen to the articles you save rather than read them. The new browse section creates a more streamlined experience as well—it's a combination of the old Feature, Daily, and Friends streams.

Let's say you bought the old app. You dropped $3 on it and now everyone can have it for free. No fair, right? Well, Instapaper will give you a month of premium to make up for it. Anyone with an existing subscription can also continue their account at the grandfathered price. Seems like a reasonable approach.

Developer: Instant Paper, Inc.
Price: Free+

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