Samsung makes a lot of tablets. So many in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of which are the entry-level and which are the premium ones. Tab Pro? Galaxy Tab? No, it's the Tab S series that you want to lay your hands on if at all possible. Verizon Wireless has finally started selling the LTE-equipped 10.5-inch version for a cool $600 off-contract.

2014-09-18 02_04_35-Samsung Galaxy Tab® S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 has a great 2560x1600 Super AMOLED screen, 3GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 800 (differs from the WiFi variant). The LTE support raises the price $100 over the WiFi-only device, but you don't have to pay it all at once. Verizon will happily take your $600, or you can do an EDGE payment plan for $29.99 per month for 20 months. There's also a $100 discount for a 2-year contract option, but I can't imagine why you'd want to do that.

Verizon is stocking a 16GB version of the tablet, and the only color available right now appears to be the white/gold combo. If you decide to drop the cash on it, the Tab S is at Verizon stores or you can have it shipped overnight for free.

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