Do you want to become part of an unstoppable military machine with giant lasers and shiny white armor? Or are justice and freedom worth fighting for until the bitter end? You get to choose in Star Wars: Commander for Android. Joining the Empire grants access to powerful weapons, but the Rebel Alliance has clever tactics on its side. Whatever you end up doing, this game will still Force-choke your wallet.

The developer claims Star Wars: Commander is sufficiently different from Clash of Clans that it ought not be compared, but even a few minutes with this game will make the similarities clear. You build up a base of operations, train troops, and go on missions in Star Wars: Commander. The troops you deploy won't be under your direct control—they go off on their own after deployment to shoot the other guys. Your own base can also come under attack, so you better have strong defenses.

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Training troops, upgrading buildings, and most of the other actions you initiate in Star Wars: Commander will come with a countdown timer. Sometimes it's a few seconds, and other times it's several minutes. You can, however, use premium in-game currency to speed things along. You can buy more of it for cash money, and the same goes for the more plentiful resource types in the game.

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I know this sounds rather disheartening, but Clash of Clans is stupid-popular, and Star Wars: Commander has attracted a lot of players in the short time it's been on iOS. The IAPs don't seem to be scaring people away.

Star Wars™: Commander
Star Wars™: Commander