Google Play gift cards are now available at the bottom of the world. No, not Antarctica-look up a bit. There you go, South Africa. In the most southern of African nations, gift cards are starting to appear on store shelves in increments of R 150, R 250, and R 450. Residents can rush to their neighborhood shop and pick one up for the low price of, well, any of the three numbers I just listed.

Screenshot 2014-09-18 at 2.30.00 PM

The site shows that these cards should be on sale at Checkers and Pick n Pay. Once you or a recipient swipes the card into a Google account, the funds are available to pay for apps and whatever other digital content is available in the Play Store. These cards make for decent gifts, and they're a way to translate physical cash into a currency the Play Store can understand. Either way, they're nice to have around.

Source: Google Play South Africa