Numerous users have come to us with reports of an option to enable a home button appearing on Chrome's settings page. None of us at Android Police have personally seen this item pop up on our devices, but if it's going out as a limited test, this wouldn't be at all out of the norm. The user who submitted the shots below, taken on an LG G3, says the option doesn't appear on any of his other devices despite having the same (stable) version of Chrome installed.


Once enabled, the option tosses a home button into Chrome's toolbar. It appears to the left of the URL.


Home buttons aren't the common web browser staple they used to be, but there are still plenty of users out there who would appreciate the ability to quickly return to a designated home page using a conveniently located icon. Android Police's founder, Artem, is one of them.

The test appears to be toggled server-side and limited to select people or devices, so we can't provide you with instructions on how to experience this firsthand. As I said, we haven't been able to try this out ourselves.

But if any of you see the option when you dive into Chrome, be sure to chime in.

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Thanks, Joe King and David Miao.