The landlocked European country of Austria and the Chinese island megacity of Hong Kong don't have a lot in common, but this morning (or this afternoon, depending on where you are) they can come together and bond over cheap Google streaming gadgets. The Chromecast just launched on the respective Play Stores in both territories, making it easy to get a hold of one without importing it or bribing your American buddies.

KfcMhOp austria

Any Chromecast-enabled app like YouTube should work just fine in any country that has access to it, but keep in mind that Google apps are surprisingly restrictive in that respect. Right now Hong Kong only has access to Google Play Movies, with no TV shows or Google Play Music. (Local playback for music should work fine on the Chromecast.) Austria gets Movies, Music, and Music All Access for those who subscribe, but again, no TV shows. In any case, check out Android Police's coverage of Chromecast apps for some good ideas on how to put your new gadget to work.

If Google follows the path it has taken with availability in the US and other countries, Chromecasts should show up on retailer shelves soon, if not today. Austrian and Hong Kongers, check the Devices section of your local Google Play Store to buy a Chromecast directly.

Source: Google Play support