We usually point people to the Play Store for apps, but it's really a one-stop-shop for all the things, depending on where you live. Due to laws, licenses, and any number of variables, products aren't simply available to everyone at once, which makes it our job to inform you when things pop up in another area. As it turns out, Play Movies has launched in Austria.

Here's what an Android Police reader in Austria was pleasantly surprised by when they recently paid the Play Store a visit.

wm_2014-09-17 2

Sure enough, Austria has made the list on Google's Play Store support page as well. You can get to the content via the new red button on the Play Store home page and fire them up via the dedicated Play Movies app. You can also access them on a Chromebook or in a web browser as well. So sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy.

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Thanks, Simeon Mac.