Logitech makes some of the finest universal remotes available, with all sorts of buttons and touchscreens. The Harmony remotes might be super-neat, but the Android app has long suffered from a terminal case of ugly. Well, no more with the most recent update. It looks like an app you'd want to use.

Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-45-45 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-49-35 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-48-43

Here's the changelog from v4.0.

  • Now supports Harmony Living Home products: Harmony Ultimate Home, Harmony Home Control, and Harmony Home Hub
  • New UI provides easy access to your Activities and your AV and Home Control Devices
  • Start Activities and control devices from out of home (requires new Harmony Living Home product)
  • Start or end Activities based on schedules, or in response to sensors (sold separately, requires new Harmony Living Home product)

The app lets you pair a phone or tablet with most Logitech Harmony remotes. You don't need an IR blaster on your device to control components when connected to a Harmony remote. The app can be used to create actions that power on and change settings on TVs, cable boxes, and whatever else you have in your living room. Maybe a Betamax player, I don't know. Version 4.0 also includes support for Harmony Home Control products like blinds and lights.

Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-49-00 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-49-14 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-50-00 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-51-54

Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-53-29 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-53-48 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-54-27 Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-45-52

The look and feel of the app is vastly improved, but it's not really a standard Android UI. Frankly, it has a bit of an iOS vibe. Still, it's about a million times better than the old UI, which you can see below.

Screenshot_2014-08-29-00-18-08 Screenshot_2014-09-02-16-06-14 Screenshot_2014-08-29-00-13-21

Screenshot_2014-08-29-00-15-28 Screenshot_2014-08-29-00-15-46 Screenshot_2014-08-29-00-16-21

Price: Free