Take it from a guy whose entire professional life is digital: backups are kind of important. Off-site backups are ideal, at least if you can get a decent connection and a reliable service, since it mitigates the risk of a local failure. Online storage and backup tends to get expensive once you go past 5 gigabytes or so, but today StackSocial is offering a terabyte of storage from the IDrive service, accessible for a year, for twenty bucks. That should be enough for most of you to backup everything on your PC, with access on any Android device.

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IDrive offers backups across multiple devices at once, including Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Backups and remote files can be managed from the official Android app, which is serviceable if not fantastic, and allows you to backup files, apps, contacts, texts, and call logs from the local device. IDrive uses the standard 256-bit AES encryption, so it's resistant to most of the conventional breaching attempts, barring any sneaky hackers with good social engineering skills.

Getting the same 1TB level of backup from Dropbox would cost $99 for the year, and $120 from Google Drive. While those upgrades might actually be worth it due to the integration of their services, bargain hunters aren't going to find a better deal than this. The StackSocial promotion will end on September 29th.

StackSocial: 1TB of IDrive online backup service for one year - $19.99

IDrive Online Backup
IDrive Online Backup
Developer: IDrive Inc
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