Sometimes you need to be a little sneaky to get around website blocks or regional restrictions. You know what's a sneaky animal? Okay, not a bear, but that's the de facto mascot of TunnelBear VPN anyway. Sure is cute, though. At any rate, the app has been updated with a new UI and features.

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The changelog in the Play Store is a little vague, but here's what the developer has to say.

  • Tap a tunnel to connect to another country
  • Turn VPN on/off with a single click
  • Auto reconnect your connection after hibernation
  • 232% more awesome cartoon bears

The interface is map-based now, allowing you to easily switch your connection to another country. It will also automatically reconnect after "hibernation." I do love a good play on words. This is a pretty popular VPN app, and now it's even better. You get some free data each month, or you can pay cash more bandwidth. Either way, it's worth checking out all the animated bears.