As someone who spends all day in front of computer screens, I'm somewhat picky when it comes to input devices. I prefer Logitech mice, but their keyboards are always too mushy and over-designed for my taste - I'll take a chunky, clicky Microsoft keyboard every time. This being the case, I more or less ignored Logitech's admittedly cool K480 universal Bluetooth keyboard, which is designed to work seamlessly across Windows, Android, and iOS. Now that Microsoft is making essentially the same product, I am officially interested.

Yes, the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard does pretty much all the same stuff that... hold on a second. Wait one cotton-pickin' second. Look at the bottom left corner of that keyboard. Is that... no way.

home button

Holy freakin' crap, it's a home button, with nary a Windows key in sight! If that doesn't seem like a big deal, remember that most of the laptop and desktop keyboards for the last few decades have included a Windows key, placed there in the sure expectation of its use (and with the blessing of Microsoft itself, I'm sure). To see Microsoft make a keyboard without one, even in the name of inter-device operability, is almost shocking.

mk_umk_otherviews01 mk_umk_otherviews02 mk_umk_otherviews03

Microsoft's keyboard does all the same stuff as the Logitech model, including a hardware switch between Windows, iOS, and Android modes, and dedicated function keys. Unlike the Logitech version, the tablet/phone stand is detachable and doubles as a cover for the keyboard itself. It's also got options for a black-on-black or white-on-grey color scheme, which look a little less goofy than Logitech's green trim in my opinion.

The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard will be available in October for $79.99. For the record, that's a hefty $30 premium over Logitech's universal keyboard.

Source: Microsoft store via Microsoft blog