Your Flipboard experience is going to change a little bit today. Users of the social-magazine-thing are going to start seeing full-screen video ads, which Flipboard kindly describes as "a deeper brand moment." It's not as annoying as it seems at first, though.

2014-09-15 18.45.31 2014-09-15 18.46.06

If you've been using Flipboard for any length of time, you've no doubt seen the ad pages pop up. Well, now some of those pages will include a video. It won't autoplay, but there might be other interactive content around it. If you tap on the video, it'll expand and start playing. Otherwise, you can simply continue on to your content.

2014-09-15 18.46.12

The ad pages in Flipboard don't appear too often, but you'll probably encounter a few each day. The video ads are limited in scope right now, consisting only of a few launch partners like Gucci, Sony Pictures, Lufthansa, and Chrysler. It will likely expand to more advertisers soon.