You've probably heard the joke by now. A 20-something job applicant or apartment hunter or a long-suffering customer support victim is talking to someone who asks him, "and what's you're landline number?" To which the young man replies, "what the hell is a landline?" But niche hardware company Obihai aims to bring back the home phone with its line of VOIP phones and adapters that use your broadband connection to make and receive calls without a landline. And now, it works with Google Voice.


At least some of Obihai's products have worked with Google's pseudo-VOIP solution for some time, but now the OBi100, OBi200, and OBi300 adapters and the full Office OBi1032 telephone will officially support calls via your Google Voice number. (The "official" support was announced on Thursday.) Users can use this portal to link their Obihai systems in with their Google account, allowing all the connected phones to ring along with their cell phones (not to mention desktop PCs or tablets with Google Hangouts) when someone calls their Google Voice number.

Obihai phones and adapters start at about $50 on Amazon and go up with more features (make sure you select one that has Google Voice support!), but right now Newegg has the basic Obi200 adapter for $39.99. That promo code ends today, September 14th.

Source: Obihai blog - thanks, TheManii!