Lets be honest: Android's default volume panel is pretty boring. It does its job, but it's super basic, and many of the options to enhance its functionality are root-only, which excludes a large number of Android users. Enter Noyze Volume Panel, a customizable replacement that doesn't require root access (or any other modifications) and works well.

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Once installed, Noyze requires activation in Accessibility settings, but after that it's basically on autopilot. The basic version of the app includes a couple of simple themes, like a minimal status bar slider and extended controls, but for those looking for a bit more use out of the app there's also a pro version for $1.58 USD.

Noyze does a bit more than just enhance the volume panel, however. It can also assign apps to volume up/down long-presses, as well as disable volume buttons altogether (for devices that may have broken buttons) and a few other simple, but related tweaks.

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Overall it's a very cool app and provides a good amount of utility for a small price tag.

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