At least some of you are probably playing with a new Moto 360 right now, feverishly comparing battery results against reviews and spreadsheets. (Don't worry, our exhaustive review is coming soon.) If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path from the watch faces included by Motorola, developer Maize (it means corn!) has a unique option that works particularly well on round displays.

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Spotlight zooms in on a standard radial watch face, showing the minutes past the hour and about ten minutes to either side. The zoomed-in view will follow the single hand around the face - it's inspired by this GIF. The animation has been floating around the 'net for a while, but the face and hand are based on the minimalist designs of Braun watches.


Spotlight Watch Face isn't all that practical, since the hour and minute hands are combined into a 12-hour clock - it's basically the polar opposite of the chronometer faces featured in Motorola's promotional images. It's also pretty light on customization, with no options for a white clock face or removing the face numbers. But if you're looking for something cool, this is it. Oh, and Spotlight Watch Face will work on square watches like the G Watch and Gear Live as well... it just doesn't look so swanky. The app is free to download.

Spotlight Watch Face
Spotlight Watch Face
Developer: Maize
Price: Free