Microsoft's latest app is the type of enterprise-targeted product that's been traditionally associated with the company. Dynamics NAV has the kind of name that makes general consumers shrug. In short, it's enterprise resource planning software that businesses use to manage finances, operations, and other work-y stuff. I have no use for this app, and neither will most of the people reading this post, but I know there are more than a few suit and tie-wearing Android Police readers out there.



The Android app connects to whichever Dynamics NAV server your company is running, and it provides mobile access for people who need to pull up this information from something more portable than a laptop. The app comes with the totally not Metro UI that I can only think of as Metro, so it's an Android experience that wouldn't look at all out of place on a Windows Phone device.

Here's the list of features Microsoft highlights on the Play Store page, and if any of them grab your interest, you can read them again by hitting up the widget underneath.


  • Get an overview of your business in the Role Center.
  • Tap and swipe to get to your data and drill down into details.
  • Search across all columns in a list.
  • Send lists to Microsoft Excel or Office 365.
  • Shoot pictures using the camera on your mobile device and upload them to Dynamics NAV.
  • Rotate your device to get an overview of your data or focus on content.

Dynamics NAV
Dynamics NAV
Price: Free