You can only survive under the oppressive yoke of TouchWiz for so long, but today is the day owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Sprint can break free and try a more open experience. CyanogenMod has added support for the Galaxy S5 on Sprint in the form of nightly builds, the first of which is available now.

2014-09-12 16_01_58-CyanogenMod Downloads

It almost goes without saying you'll need to unlock your bootloader before flashing any ROMs. You can also expect the first nightly to be a little buggy. If you're not that brave, there should be a stable milestone build at some point in the not too distant future (this device won't be in the next round, though). The CyanogenMod Google+ account says work is still ongoing to support the rest of the US Galaxy S5 variants, but there's no news to share yet.

[CM11 for Sprint Galaxy S5, +CyanogenMod]