Google's official Google Now Launcher is pretty cool, but it's lacking the settings you'd find in Nova and other third-party launchers. There's a way to fix that if you're rooted with Xposed, though. Xposed GEL Settings (or XGELS to its friends) is an app that adds features to GNL so you can have the best of both worlds. This app just hit v2.0 and it's packing some new goodies.

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Here's the changelog for the big 2.0 update:


  • App drawer: Add tabs [Premium]
  • Context menu: manage apps in folders
  • Context menu: choose a folder icon
  • Notification badge: set badge position
  • Notification badge: hide badge in app drawer


  • completely rewrote notification badges
  • you can now hide widget shortcuts


  • XGELS crash when changing the icon pack
  • fixed compatibility issues with some icon packs
  • fixed problems with CM

The app drawer tabs are probably the coolest part, but you'll have to upgrade via an in-app purchase to get it. Even if you don't want to pay the developer for all his hard work, the changes to context menus and notifications badges are great. Keep in mind this app is occasionally borked by Google Search updates, but the developer has been able to fix everything thus far.

You need to be rooted with the Xposed Framework installed to use XGELS. As with all things of this nature, use caution.

Xposed GEL Settings [ROOT]
Xposed GEL Settings [ROOT]