Lyft Plus seats riders in a vehicle capable of transporting up to six passengers at once. The service launched in San Francisco several months ago, expanding the number of people Lyft users can share a ride with. Now Lyft Plus is expanding out to the rest of the supported markets across the country. According to a recent post on the company's blog, the offering will appear inside the mobile app starting this week.


With the expansion, Lyft is making some changes. Now any driver with a vehicle capable of seating six can accept requests, so riders won't necessarily find themselves in the white Ford Explorer with leather seats that Lyft Plus previously required. General SUVs and minivans alike have become accepted forms of transportation. Fortunately, the company is dropping the price for Lyft Plus down from 2x the price of a regular ride to 1.5x.

So if you're riding with a group, Lyft would appreciate if you gave its app some consideration. The widget below contains a link to the Play Store.