Gadget lovers tend to accrue all kinds of electronic detritus on their desks, night tables, coffee tables, and any other flat surface where you can put down a tablet. And for keeping that detritus charged, there's nothing more convenient than a USB outlet adapter... except an adaptor with more than one USB port. If you find yourself short of places to plug in, Amazon is offering a Volmate 5-port charger for just $12.49 after a coupon. It's not quite as cheap as a song, but it's close.

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This particular Volmate adapter has two 2.1-amp plugs, one 1.3-amp plug, and two more 1-amp plugs. With 5 amps total across the gadget, it should charge two tablets and three phones simultaneously at full speed, unless you've got something with Qualcomm's Quickcharge or similar. The AC power cord fits into a standard two-prong American outlet and comes out for easy travel or replacement.

The "list price" is over $70, but white box accessories like this rarely go for MSRP on Amazon, and even without the coupon the adapter is a reasonable $18. Apply the code "V25WDOFF" at checkout to bring the total price down to $12.49 - or just $2.50 per plug. Two-day shipping is free if you're a US Amazon Prime subscriber, or if you purchase more than $35 worth of goods at the same time.

Amazon: Volmate 5V/5A (25 Watt) 5-Port USB Desktop Wall Charger (use code V25WDOFF)

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