Comcast is finally acknowledging Android Wear's existence with an update to its Xfinity X1 Remote app in the Play Store. It now includes voice and touch controls on your watch that can be used to change channels, start recordings, and more. It cannot be used to navigate the labyrinthian nightmare that is the Comcast support line.

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The change log really just lists bug fixes and Android Wear support. If you have a watch tethered to the phone, the app will actually show a quick tutorial on using the Wear integration. You can open the Xfinity remote app on Wear and use voice commands to change channels or see schedules. It also has buttons for navigating menus.

Screenshot_2014-09-10-08-34-23 Screenshot_2014-09-10-08-34-29

The update should be live for everyone, hit the Play Store and start to control the TV from your wrist.

The app was not found in the store. :-(