We all know the new Moto X is going to drop soon, and it's shaping up to be a fantastic phone. However, Motorola still has some last gen devices sitting around. What better way to get rid of them than to cut the price... a small price cut in this case. The Developer Edition Moto Xs for Verizon and GSM networks is now $399 instead of $449.

2014-09-08 16_49_47-Moto X Developer Edition

These devices are more or less the same as the standard devices, except the bootloaders can be unlocked without voiding the warranty. Verizon doesn't allow the regular Moto X for its network to be unlocked at all. There are no Moto Maker customizations with these devices—it's just a black and white design with Developer Edition emblazoned on the back.

The $50 price cut is a little small considering the new Moto X is just around the corner. However, there may be some interest with the news Motorola won't be making a Verizon dev edition this year.

[Verizon Developer Edition, GSM Developer Edition]