Did you make it to Google I/O 2014? If so, you've probably been waiting on the edge of your seat for Google to send a Moto 360 to each of this year's attendees. Well, the wait is over! Almost. Shipping notifications have gone out to each of the lucky recipients indicating that the packages are on the way.


The packages are coming out of Fremont, California with 2-day shipping via FedEx. For most of us, that's going to mean they'll arrive at our homes -or wherever you asked for them to be sent- on Wednesday the 10th.

An indirect signature is required, which means anybody living at or in charge of that address can accept the package. If you need to, FedEx's website can be used to have the package dropped off without a signature or held at the shipping facility for pick-up. Alternatively, for a fee, you can schedule the delivery or redirect it to another address.

Hey, we may be a little behind the first paying customers, but Google didn't keep us waiting too long. Enjoy the Moto 360, everybody!