Todoist is a simple to-do list manager that syncs automatically across a large number of platforms. The Android app extends much of the service's functionality to mobile phones and tablets, much of which we've detailed in the past. There's Google Now integration, DashClock support, and a clean UI that looks at home on KitKat devices.

But there's a downside. There are no shortage of to-do list apps available for Android, yet since the beginning, Todoist has charged a monthly or annual fee to get access to its full set of features. A year generally goes for $29, but AppSumo has shared a deal that will provide half of that for free. Even better, it applies to new and existing users alike.

Screenshot 2014-09-08 at 3.59.35 PM

To get the savings, just head over to AppSumo, scroll down, and click on the giant Get This button. After providing the site with your email address, it will shoot you a code to redeem over on the Todoist website. You can do so at