The folks over at Comedy Central have hit up Google Play with an official Android app, and it's looking pretty good. The company's promising full episodes available the day after they air, stand-up specials, and access to some older content - such as every episode of Chappelle's Show. The app can toss up a TV schedule if you just want to know what's coming up next.


A TV subscription is required for most of the content, though the Play Store page says a login isn't required to view the latest episodes. I haven't had any luck getting shows to stream without a cable subscription, but the app's still young enough for this to possibly be a kink.

The Comedy Central app's UI is a visual treat, and it looks right at home on modern Android devices. Even better, the company says Chromecast support is coming soon. Until then, you can hit up the Play Store link to try out the experience on a phone or tablet.

Comedy Central
Comedy Central
Developer: Comedy Central
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