If you're in one of the eligible countries, you're probably well aware that the Moto 360 has begun shipping, so we want to know if you bought one.

The Moto 360 is easily the most anticipated Android Wear device to date, and possibly even the most awaited smartwatch. Its semi-circular display and very modern but still watch-like design have been huge factors here - I would definitely agree the 360 is still the best-looking smartwatch we've seen, even compared to concept hardware.

Its TI OMAP 3 processor sets the internals apart from the crowd, as does its ambient light sensor for that always-on display. While initial reviews are coming in now, there doesn't seem to be a strong consensus about Motorola's first smartwatch yet, so we'll have to see just how this all pans out.

With a major Android Wear update in the pipeline, the nascent wearable OS is going to be getting significantly more functional in the coming months, and that rising tide may lift all boats - rectangle and circle alike. While the 360 isn't exactly available to buy everywhere in the world, and we understand that's going to be a factor in this poll, it'll still be interesting to see just how many of you bought - or tried to buy - one, so cast your votes.

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