Motorola Migrate always seemed a little unnecessary to me - if you're coming from an Android phone, all your contacts should already be saved with Google, and I never saw the point of hoarding years of text messages. But Migrate has allowed for easy contact transfers from Apple's iPhone line, and with the latest update, it can even grab them from other 'dumbphones' as well. (Sorry, I let some inner fanboy out there.)

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According to the update text, Motorola Migrate can now import contacts from "non-smartphones," as long as they have Bluetooth and follow the standard contact transfer system that's been in place since before Android existed. Just open the app, select "other old phone type," and pair the older phone with your shiny new Motorola device. This sort of thing is already possible with some OEM contact apps, but Motorola's implementation makes it all automatic. The app update also includes some bug fixes, though the developers didn't elaborate on exactly what they do.

Granted, there are very few regular Android Police readers who will be able to take advantage of this new functionality, at least for themselves. But if you've got a family member upgrading to a smartphone for the first time, like a pre-teen or a grandparent, this could get their various phone numbers and email addresses onto a new Android phone very quickly. Unfortunately, the tool is exclusive to the latter Motorola phones: the Moto X, Moto G, DROIDs Ultra, Maxx and Mini, and presumably the upcoming second-gen Moto X and G.

Motorola Migrate
Motorola Migrate
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