Who wants a faster and easier way to pay for more apps and games? Oh right, you're reading Android Police, I should be ashamed to even ask you this question. But if you live in Poland or the Philippines, you are a lucky app/game addict because Google just turned on direct carrier billing for some of your operators there.

In Poland, Google Play's direct billing support page lists TMI (or T-Mobile) as now available, right next to Play (which was added more than a year ago). That's good news for our Polish readers, since T-Mobile seems to be the leading operator in the country.

As for the Philippines, it gets its first carrier billing support on Globe Telecom, the nation's second largest operator. The company even issued a press release complete with screenshots on how to enable operator billing —don't you love it when operators are this helpful?— and an interesting factoid about only 4% of Filipinos owning a credit card, which used to completely stifle their ability to purchase paid apps.

Go ahead, download everything!

Source: Google Support, Telecompaper, Globe Telecom