Motorola's apps are exclusively available to its devices, but some of the more affordable handsets take a while to get some of the provided features. In this case, the Motorola Assist and Contextual Services apps have recently been updated to bring Driving and Home mode support for the Moto G and the Moto E. To understand what this means, we must first take a look at what both of these apps actually do.

Motorola Assist makes Moto handsets adapt to the situation they're in. It silences all but the most important calls at night, and it silences things during meetings. It can also automatically read out new text messages and play songs while driving. It can change functionality again once the user gets home. That's what this update brings to the Moto G and the Moto E.

Assist1 Assist2

Contextual Services functions as a background process that assists Motorola's other apps. That's why these updates sometimes come in pairs.

Moto device owners can enjoy these features by diving into the Play Store below.

Motorola Assist
Motorola Assist
Price: Free