Chrome might be the default browser on Android these days, but Mozilla has done some great stuff with Firefox. The stable and beta channels are getting an update today to v32 and v33, respectively. If you like to live dangerously, the beta even offers some hotly anticipated features including Chromecast support.

The stable build is essentially getting the completed version of the stuff we saw in the previous beta update. Here's the official changelog.


  • Sync registration from tabs tray
  • Switch up to 55 languages without leaving browser
  • Clear History from history panel
  • Redesigned Top Sites panel
  • Gamepad API enabled
  • Added: Armenian [hy-AM], Basque [eu], Fulah [ff], Icelandic [is], Scottish Gaelic [gd], Welsh [cy]


  • Android 2.2 and ARMv6 processor chipset no longer supported


  • MP4 videos will not play on Android L
  • Flash does not work on Android L

Then there's the beta build, which brings some new features to the table. Let's take a look at that changelog.


  • Send video to Chromecast and Roku devices
  • Option to clear data when browser closed
  • Undo a closed tab
  • Added locales: Aragonese [an], Frisian [fy-NL], Kazakh [kk] and Khmer [km]

Known Issues

  • MP4 videos will not lay on Android L
  • Flash does not work on Android L

Chromecast support has been on everyone's wishlist for some time. The Chromecast icon should appear in the address bar when there's an embedded video suitable for streaming. You can select the device and use a persistent playback bar to manage the video while doing other things in Firefox. It's the same thing for Roku, but you need to have the Firefox channel added to your device. This feature was previously only in the nightlies, but a word of warning, I haven't been able to get it working on my devices.

Firefox for Android Beta
Firefox for Android Beta
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free