Motorola is taking to YouTube with demo videos of its new device before updating the website. If you fancy a closer look at the Moto 360, we've got the official video right here. Spoiler: it looks sweet.

The rumored price is $250, but the details have not yet appeared on Motorola's website. We're keeping an eye out for more information from Motorola and will update when we've got something.

Update: The product page has gone live with quite a lot of new information. To answer your first question, you can buy a Moto 360 at 11AM central September 5th from Motorola, Google Play, and Best Buy. It will come with 6 custom Moto watch faces that take proper advantage of the round screen. You'll have three different leather bands to choose from and two metal ones. The metal bands are listed as "coming soon," though. It's a $250 watch with leather bands, but the metal ones will add $50 to the price when they are available.

2014-09-05 01_01_07-Moto 360 by Motorola

The specs are similar to other Android Wear watches, except for the processor. Motorola has chosen to go with a TI OMAP 3 instead of the Snapdragon 400 in other devices. That's incredibly bizarre seeing as TI doesn't even make consumer OMAP chips anymore.

2014-09-05 01_03_26-Moto 360 by Motorola 2014-09-05 01_04_12-Moto 360 by Motorola