The last few SwiftKey updates have been focused on making the keyboard faster and more responsive, which has been sorely needed for some time. Whether or not that has been successful depends on who you ask, but the developers have now rolled out another update that is supposed to offer additional performance boosts. Maybe this one will do the trick.


Here's the full changelog for SwiftKey v5.0.3.21.

  • Improved load time and memory management on the keyboard
  • Improved memory management in the SwiftKey Store and themes screen
  • Resolved some memory and crash issues with Samsung devices
  • Switching layouts (e.g. QWERTY/DVORAK) is now updated in the Language Settings
  • Fixed issues for background theme crashes and overall store performance
  • Fixed issues with Evernote personalization
  • Added functionality to preserve verbatim over space inferred predictions
  • Fixed bug causing repeated language pack update notifications
  • Fixed several other force closes and crashes

According to SwiftKey, testers saw noticeable improvements in responsiveness with the new update. For instance, the last few generations of Samsung Galaxy devices were able to open the keyboard as much as 10% faster. Memory management with the new store module should be better across the board as well. The update is live in the Play Store for free.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free