Version 6 of the ever-popular note-taking app Evernote (see what I did there?) has started rolling out to Android devices, and it brings in numerous changes to the way people go about jotting things down. These tweaks have been around a long time for Evernote beta users, but now they're going stable. The most notable addition is a "New Note" button that floats in the bottom right hand corner and provides access to all the things.


The developers have touched up the UI, redesigned the search screen, and brought in a new sidebar. Now when users swipe their finger from the left, a navigation drawer slides in with access to their notebooks, tags, and shortcuts. Throughout it all, the floating button is there.

evernote1 evernote2 evernote3

On the functionality side of things, there's web clipping support, so users can take a portion of a web page and get it out to others using the Android share menu. Speaking of sharing, notebooks are now easier to get out to people as well. When one is open, users can just tap a button at the bottom and invite the people they want to share the notebook with.

The changes don't stop there. Here are some additional bullet points, but hit up the source link below to get everything straight from the horse's mouth.

  • Cleaner note editor layout improves viewing and updating notes
  • Redesigned tablet experience
  • New camera makes switching between modes a snap
  • Enhanced handwriting support with pinch to zoom and better recognition

Source: Evernote blog