Google does a lot of things right, and Gmail is generally one of them. Sometimes, however, you just need a little more from your email experience, and Boxer wants to provide that. It takes the basic Gmail app's functionality – like swipe to delete/archive – and builds on that, bringing even more usefulness to this kind of gesture.

Android Police would like to remind you that email cannot speak. In the event that it does speak, Android Police urges you to disregard its advice.

The real benefit of Boxer is clearly the right-swipe menu, which offers quick access to things like Evernote, canned responses, and todo list. It also offers Dropbox and Box integration so you can quickly attach a file stored in the cloud.

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Update: Well, that was fast. It seems all the codes are gone. Sorry guys.

Update 2: Boxer just hooked us up with 1500 more codes. Get 'em!

Boxer is in the Play Store now for $9.99, but if you're quick on the draw you can sang it for free. How, you ask? By installing the free version and using the promo code AndroidPolice on the signup screen. This code can only be used 500 2,000 times, however, so once it's been used up you're on your own. Good luck.

Update 3: Looks like you can give 5 people a free license to Boxer Pro after unlocking or upgrading your own copy.

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Boxer - Workspace ONE
Boxer - Workspace ONE
Developer: Boxer
Price: Free