When any new flagship device is announced, the first thing most people want to know is which carriers it will be available on. Samsung announced the Note 4 and Note Edge this morning (along with the Gear VR), and carriers have been quick to jump up and announce which of the devices they'll be offering, so here's a quick rundown of what to expect here in the States.


  • T-Mobile: The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge will both be available, and a signup page is already live.
  • AT&T: Big Blue will carry the Note 4, Note Edge, Gear VR and Gear Circle, and landing pages are up for the Note 4 and Edge.
  • Verizon: Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge were confirmed on Twitter, and the signup page is here.
  • Sprint: Galaxy Note 4, Edge, and Gear VR are all a go on The Now Network.
  • US Cellular: Note 4 only.

So there you go. Pricing hasn't yet been announced so we're not sure how that will play out across the various carriers, but we'll be sure to let you know once that info is available.