The Room was a phenomenal game when it hit Android last year (after first blowing iOS users' minds in 2012). The sequel, The Room Two (who would have guessed?), continued the stunning 3D puzzle-y goodness. Now developer Fireproof Games has announced that the third entry in the series will come in spring 2015.


Coming shortly after Samsung's Gear VR unveiling, Fireproof Games is also keen to point out that it has an upcoming title already in the works specifically for the virtual reality headset. The game goes by the name of Omega Agent.


The exclusive takes place on a remote island facility where cold-war spies are trained. Players will get to strap on a nuclear-powered jetpack and fly around a vibrant city while under-taking risky missions. If it sounds vomit-inducing, wait until you see the provided screenshot.


Considering that a version of Temple Run has also been announced for the headset, it looks like Gear VR early adopters will have more than a handful of apps and videos to play with when they eventually immerse themselves in Samsung's virtual reality experience.

Source: Fireproof Games Facebook page