Update: It looks like users with qualifying phones who have already redeemed their free storage are automatically getting bumped up to 100GB. Thanks to reader Aaron Blecher for letting us know!



If you've been thinking about getting a newer HTC phone, the company just gave you a little more to think about. HTC and Google have just doubled the amount of free Google Drive storage that new owners of the HTC One M8 and One Max receive when registering a phone, up to 100GB from the former 50. Even better, Verizon's HTC One Remix is good to go as well, and also gets 100GB of storage.

htc new

New policy above, old policy below. Whoa, HTC phones run Windows now? What a crazy world.

htc old

The original One and One Mini still get 25GB of storage. Those of you who have already set up your phones probably aren't eligible for the boosted cloud storage unless you haven't logged in to Google Drive yet. Here's how you redeem the offer, from Google's FAQ:

    How can I check to see if I can redeem the offer?

    1. Launch the preloaded Google Drive application on your device

    2. Press Redeem when presented with this screen

    3. Follow the screen prompts to complete redemption

    The free storage boost is good for two years. Google's FAQ says that the Desire 826 and Desire 610 are also eligible for 100GB. Also note: those of you who've unlocked the bootloader on your phone may not be eligible to redeem the offer, though it's unclear whether the bonus storage is removed if you unlock the bootloader afterwards. We think that's something of a security measure to keep users from abusing the one Google account, one device policy.

    Source: HTC Advantage