The Facebook Android app is hugely popular whether you like it or not (I'm assuming you don't). The social network is already the largest online community in the world, but now Zuckerberg and company can add another feather in their collective hat—Facebook for Android is the first non-Google app to reach 1 billion downloads in Google Play. Are the end times at hand?

2014-09-02 12_48_42-Facebook - Android Apps on Google Play

Facebook is even outpacing several of Google's own apps like Chrome, Hangouts, and Google Search (I don't even know how that's possible). Google Play Services, Gmail, Maps, and YouTube all reached the 1 billion install threshold before Facebook, though. These are, of course, built-into most Android phones.

Facebook Messenger just reached 500 million downloads recently, and now this. It just goes to show you, people like Facebook. I mean, they must really like it to be putting up with that app, right?

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

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