The Sony leaks are not over yet—Xperia Blog has what appears to be a press shot of the Xperia Z3 in copper, as well as a glimpse of Sony's new SmartBand. With an e-ink screen, this accessory will probably get mega-long battery life.

Xperia-Z3-Copper-crop-640x779 New-Smart-Band-640x538

The alleged Z3 specs from the earlier leak are a little on the boring side, but more colors. Gold phones are almost a given these days, even though most of them end up looking gaudy and weird, but this copper finish actually looks rather handsome in the shots. The smart band will probably be a fitness-oriented device, judging by the screen. It's probably not intended to be an Android Wear competitor.

Colours_Xperia-Z3_1-640x633 Xperia-Z3-Copper-new-crop Colours_Xperia-Z3_2-640x586

This all looks legit, but we'll have the full scoop at Sony's IFA press event tomorrow (September 3rd).

[Xperia Blog]