To tell the truth, the first round of Android Wear devices aren't all that expensive if you think of them as luxury watches. But if you think of them as notification-based accessories for your $500 smartphone, yeah, they're pretty pricey. Big box retailer Best Buy is here to alleviate some of that sticker shock with a sale on the LG G Watch. You can pick up the black or white/gold version for $179.99 right now, $50 off the retail price.


These are new watches in their retail packaging, not refurbished or used units. You can also get free shipping, though you'll almost certainly have to pay sales tax for whatever state you ship to. For this particular deal, in-store pickup is not available. That makes me think that this sale price won't last very long, so grab one if you want it.

Of course, new Wear devices are in the pipeline, and you might want to wait on them even in the face of a considerable discount. LG's own G Watch R is basically identical to the original G Watch save for a round design and a sporty look, the Moto 360 is the original "wow" watch for Google's Wear platform, and ASUS is planning on announcing its own ZenWatch at IFA next week. That said, these more fashionable entries are probably going to be more expensive than the G Watch and Gear Live - we're estimating the G Watch R in the ballpark of $300 USD.

Best Buy: LG G Watch - $179.99 (black)

Best Buy: LG G Watch - $179.99 (white/gold)

Source: YouTube user BeatPens