Remember when developer Beamdog re-released the fan-favorite Dungeons and Dragons PC game Baldur's Gate on Android? Series devotees are getting another go-round the dungeon, because the sequel campaign Icewind Dale is getting the same Enhanced Edition re-release treatment. Rights-holder Wizards of the Coast announced the upcoming game for Android phones and tablets, as well as iOS, PC, and Mac, at the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend.

The decision to release another Enhanced Edition for Android is a bit unexpected. Despite the popularity of the original, the Google Play release of Baldur's Gate has less than 50,000 downloads. That might have something to do with the fact that the developers released it six months after the iOS version (a surprising amount of Android phone users also have iPads). Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition still hasn't been released for Android, though it's been available on iOS since February.

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Icewind Dale was originally released in 2000, updating the concepts introduced in Baldur's Gate with a new setting, story, and real-time battle system. The player can create an adventuring party of up to six heroes to play out the campaign to rid the region of an malevolent influence. The Enhanced Edition will feature new classes, spells, weapons and armor, and a cross-platform multiplayer mode. Beamdog hasn't given a release date for any of the versions of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition yet, though they are taking pre-orders for the $20 PC version.

Source: Baldur's Gate official forum