Let's think about filters for a moment. They are immensely useful, allowing users to direct (junk) mail from particular senders to the appropriate location (the trash) or apply the correct label (stuff to ignore). Gmail has had the ability to create and manage filters for years, but its app hasn't. In fact, it still lacks this functionality. Yahoo, on the other hand, has rolled the feature into the latest release of its Android app, version 2.6. Now users can create, update, and erase filters without having to fire up a web browser.

The primary functions are all here. Users can name a filter, target senders or recipients, and delegate messages that "contains," "does not contain," "begins with," or "ends with" certain words. Even better, the page isn't tucked away under layers of settings. It's easy to find right at the bottom of the app's sidebar.

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This is what we like to see, and we hope Gmail rolls out a similar option soon. Yet in the meantime, there's more for Yahoo users to check out in version 2.6. Here's the provided changelog.

What's new:

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Enhanced links: Links are enhanced to be nice cards when you share a link while composing an email
  • Updated settings: We've simplified settings to make it easier to customize your mailbox
  • Filters: Create, update and delete email filters to help organize you're mailbox
  • Certified Yahoo badge: Email from Yahoo get a special icon so you know it's from us

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Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
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