If you were wondering just what was in inside a Maps update appearing on your devices starting yesterday, wonder no more: the changelog is here. The changelog, though, is not only short, it is not of particularly great interest unless you're a Hindi speaker. Here it is:

What's New

  • Hindi now supported, including voice navigation
  • Improved navigation notifications on Android Wear devices
  • Bug fixes

And that's all she (or he) wrote. The improved notifications on Wear devices are probably a welcome change, though so few Wear devices are out in the wild at this point that it's something most people won't notice. The addition of Hindi is, of course, great news for Hindi speakers.

This update seems to no longer be in staged deployment, and nothing else has jumped out at us upon close inspection of the updated app, but if you do see anything, feel free to let us know. You can also catch up with what happened in the last update, 8.2, that began rolling out around six weeks ago.

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