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  • Winner 1: Pieter Otten
  • Winner 2: Eugenio Marletti

No, it's not a free phone, but sometimes knowledge (and a good time, to boot) can be a lot more valuable than stuff: today we're giving away two passes to Droidcon London, Europe's largest Android developer conference.

If you were to buy a ticket for Droidcon right now, you'd be forking over a hefty 300 pounds, but you may not have to.


This contest is open to everyone, it doesn't matter where you're from - you just need to actually intend to go to Droidcon if you win. This contest will not cover travel expenses, your hotel, or any other costs you may incur actually getting to and attending Droidcon - it's just for the tickets. This means we would really prefer that you either A.) live in the UK (even though country is not restricted for this contest), or B.) already have concrete plans to attend and have simply not yet purchased tickets. And, of course, if the cost of a ticket is the only thing preventing you from being there, by all means, enter away. It'd also probably be good if you were an Android developer or are at least seriously interested in Android development.

Droidcon London takes place from October 30th through the 31st, with workshops and hackathons you can stick around for on November 1st and 2nd. Speakers for the event include Chet Haase from Google, Abhisek Devkota of CyanogenMod, author Taylor Ling, and I Fight Bears developer Nicoli Hunt.

And in case it wasn't implied: this prize is not redeemable for any value (eg, you won't be able to sell it) and it cannot be exchanged. So please, only enter if you're serious about attending, because the people who are deserve a chance to win.

Because of the admittedly niche focus of this contest, we won't be doing the Rafflecopter system for entry. Simply leave a comment explaining why you want to go to Droidcon London on this post, and we will select two winners. Selection will not be entirely random - your comment will be judged on its authenticity and merit - and from those comments we deem of genuine interest, a winner will be selected at random.

And if you're looking for a reason to go, you can check out Droidcon's impressive talk lineup right here.