The Shield Tablet is a great device, but it's about to get even better with update v1.1. The OTA (clocking in at a lean 84.1MB) is hitting devices as you read this, so owners would to well to check the update menu. NVIDIA doesn't usually stage these OTAs, so all Shield Tablets should have the update available.

2014-08-28 20.07.19

This version is mostly about optimization and cleaning up the rough edges, but that's always appreciated. Here's the changelog for update 1.1.

  • Improved WiFi stability in certain scenarios
  • Improved camera performance
  • NVIDIA PRISM feature toggle
  • Stability improvements to SHIELD Hub and Gamestream
  • ShadowPlay performance optimizations
  • Localization improvements
  • Audio optimizations
  • Misc. stability improvements

So yeah, mostly making things faster and better, except for that PRISM thing. The ShadowPlay improvements are much appreciated—constantly saving video is a strain on the system. The camera might be beyond help, but at least NVIDIA is trying.

Oh, are you wondering what PRISM is? It has nothing to do with the NSA. NVIDIA PRISM is a feature that alters the screen's brightness and contrast dynamically to improve readbility based on what is being displayed. The option to turn it off will come as a relief to many owners because PRISM tends to cause an annoying flicker at low brightness levels.

[Thanks, Kevin]