The HTC One Mini might not have had the high-end specs of its big brother, but it was still a stylish little phone. The AT&T variant has been a little behind on the updates, as carrier phones often are, but today that changes—the Sense 6 OTA for the One Mini on AT&T is rolling out.


AT&T's support page isn't entirely clear on what features are included in this OTA (4.13.502.3), except to say there will be HTC Sense 6 highlights, AT&T Address Book integration, Uber, Ready to Go, Usage manager, Mail and Live (Yahoo), and HTC Sense 5.5 highlights. It's still based on Android 4.4.2, though. If the AT&T update is anything like the other Sense 6 updates for the One Mini (and it probably is) this is what you can expect:

  • HTC Sense 6 update
  • Color coded themes for easy navigation
  • Personalized Font style
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode
  • Button that clears all recent apps
  • New interface for Gallery and Camera
  • Image Match function to find photos faster in the Gallery
  • Support POI (Points of interest) location in Gallery's Map view
  • Smoother BlinkFeed, continuous scrolling experience
  • New BlinkFeed UI to intuitively add new content
  • Nearby restaurant recommendations
  • Schedule function for the Do Not Disturb mode
  • Improved Music app

This 550MB OTA is even larger than the update for unlocked and international versions of the device, probably because of the extra apps AT&T likes to include. You can hit the update menu to see if it's available for your phone yet, but no promises.